Medical & Dental Offices

Secure Payment Systems For Healthcare Offices

For medical and dental offices like yours, security and privacy is critical. Discover industry-leading security alongside simple, easy-to-use payment systems designed specifically with your clinic’s needs in mind. Trust BPS to deliver the results you need to grow your business, serve your patients and secure private information with total peace of mind.


Focus on serving your patients, not on endlessly fixing broken terminals and systems. Our payment processing solutions always work and our customer service is always available when you need it.


Don’t spend hours training staff on a complicated system Our systems require almost no training, so you can devote your time and attention to your patients.


We offer the industry’s leading security features so your patients’ information is always secure. Trust us to deliver a system that builds trust between you and your patients.

Technology Options For Every Healthcare Practice

Our flexible options make it easy to find a payment processing solution that meets both your business needs, and your customers’ expectations. Explore the possibilities and discover how easy it is to make them part of your retail location(s).

Comprehensive Register Systems

Employ a cash register system that allows you to process debit card, credit card, cash, mobile and contactless payments seamlessly.

Convenient Payment Solutions

Let your customers pay the way they prefer with touchscreens, mobile payment software, contactless payment technology, and more.

Handheld Terminals

Handheld devices make it simple to grab a payment on the go, all while saving time and hassle for your staff.

Discover Scalable Payment Processing

Whether you are a small family practice or a bustling research institute, our payment processing solutions are designed to scale to your needs, grow as you grow, and free you up to focus on your patients’ healthcare concerns.

Get Data To Boost Your Business ROI

Don’t just accept payments. Simplify the sometimes complex ins and outs of medical payments with sophisticated systems designed to help you track every dollar. Keep track of recurring billings, unpaid balances, copays, insurance claim statuses, and more. You never have to miss another payment again.

Do More Than Sell

Our robust POS systems for dentists and medical facilities allow you to do more than complete transactions. We can also simplify tasks such as sending out invoices, registering insurance claims, setting up recurring payments, and more. Let our payment processing solutions deliver all-inclusive services to help you run your healthcare practice without headaches.

Appointment Management

Integrated appointment management features allow you to track appointments and cancellations within your POS system.

Contactless Payments

Let your patients use their phones or smartwatches to pay with solutions that accept digital gift cards, Apple Pay, and more.

Invoicing and Billing

Navigate insurance, payment plans, cash payments and more without hassle when you choose our POS systems that incorporate invoicing and billing features.

Online Support

Allow patients to schedule appointments online, pay their copays and deductibles electronically and more, with integrated online solutions that allow you to handle transactions no matter where consumers make them.

Security Features

Comply with all applicable regulations for ensuring patient privacy with payment processing systems that exceed the industry standards for safety and security. We know what you need and we provide it in every one of our systems.

24/7 Customer Support

Our reliable systems don’t leave you worrying about when they will break. But, when things do go wrong, our 24/7 customer support and local in-person staff make fixing your systems as easy as making a single phone call.