Never Miss Another Sale

Never turn away another customer because you do not have the tools to accept their payment. Stop spending your valuable time troubleshooting broken payment processing terminals. Say goodbye to feeling confused by complicated systems or stuck in contracts with unreliable partners. Business Payment Systems exists to help you grow revenue with reliable, transparent, and flexible payment processing solutions.

Flexible Pricing

Your payment processing systems should accept every payment, every time. No more broken terminals. No more hours spent making repairs. Our high-quality systems work flawlessly, and our 24/7 customer support is ready to serve you with expert advice and in-person support.

Transparent Practices

We believe in honest and upfront business practices. That is why we never lock you into a contract or charge you hidden fees. Trust us to provide you with services you can understand, at prices that never hide costly surprise fees.

Flexible Solutions

We offer a variety of payment processing solutions to suit any business of any size. Let us customize your services to your business and the way it works. Solely e-commerce? We can help. Brick and mortar store? Enjoy our free credit card terminals. Want to use a smartphone? Choose one of our credit card readers.

Simplified Life

By creating hassle-free payment processing solutions for our clients, we simplify your life and free you up to focus on what you do best – Running your business. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have customized, high-quality systems backed by our exceptional support and our ongoing partnership.

Find Solutions That Fit Your Business

Spend less time on your payment solution and more time on actually growing your business with options that flex to fit your needs. Discover the wide variety of choices we offer and find the one(s) right for you.

Credit Card Processing

Accept any card your customers offer with credit card processing solutions that fit any kind of business.

Mobile Credit Card Readers

Take payments on the go with our mobile credit card readers. Secure and easy to use, they minimize fees and maximize your ability to make sales.

E-Commerce Payments

Streamline and expand your online payment options with solutions that securely process transactions from every client.

Cash Advances

Need money now so you can grow your business later? Let us help you with cash advances based on your anticipated future sales.

Credit Card Terminals

Enjoy free credit card terminals installed in your brick and mortar store and supported by our local experts.

ATM Solutions

Give your customers the option of getting the cash they need with our easy-to-use ATM solutions.

Trusted by Over 10,000 Merchants

Major brands across the U.S. and Canada trust BPS to deliver simple, secure, modern payment processing solutions!